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Gallagher One

Gallagher’s intranet was in need in of a refresh to meet its user’s needs. A GV Design Sprint let us hit the ground running.


The Gallagher Communications team needed an update to their intranet platform. With a small budget and a short timeline a GV Design Sprint was in order.


My Role

As the Director of Experience Design, I oversaw the design and research resources as well as acted as facilitator for the design sprint.

Getting started

It takes a bit to prepare for a design sprint. We found an ideal location for the sprint in a nearby hotel and began our recruiting efforts for the sprint team, information experts and testing participants. We also used this time to educate the team on our intent and method.


Setting a baseline

While we were busy with our recruiting efforts we sent our a survey to measure the effectiveness of the current intranet. The result was a System Usability Scale (SUS) score of 45.


Design Sprint

As always with design sprint the first couple days our team was a little concerned with the potential for success, but as time went by, the method proved itself.


If you’re familiar with  the design sprint process, you know the fifth day is testing day. We recruited users from various departments to get a varied perspective. The results were better than we could have hoped, but the work didn’t end there.

User Flows

We documented the results from the sprint and testing. In addition, we mapped out the user flows and updated the prototype for another round of user testing.


initial Sus Score

intranet Sus Score

Second Sus Score

The entire process took five weeks from beginning to end. Starting with the design sprint allowed us to create a fully functioning allowed us to receive buy-in from users and leadership alike. This also gives a good starting place for development estimates and increases the likelyhood of finishing on time and on budget.