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Mondelēz International

The importance of accuracy within a companies data increases every year. This was no different for Mondelēz International.


Mondelēz International wanted to learn more about their customers and needed a platform to acquire their information. In a proactive effort my team was selected to create a potential solution.

My Role

With this being a small project I lead the effort as product designer and worked with a visual designer.


This project started out with a tongue-in-cheek observation, “Mondelēz needs a little love”. With that thought we progressed to, “we all need a little love” and eventually reached, “share the love”. We would develop a app that would fulfill the basic requirements for successful advertising, in which both advertiser and consumer receive equal value.

User Flows

The idea was simple. Users would login via social media, in this example Facebook, and in exchange for sharing their address they would receive a free sample of Mondelēz products. Users would also be given the opportunity to share the application with others in exchange for additional samples resulting in exponential growth.


The user flows acted as a guide to create the wire-frames. The idea was to keep things simple so a single button was used on most screens to advance the users.


This simple and effective solution was presented and well received. While development did not move forward the client appreciated the effort which lead to other opportunities.