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Unified Process

Over the course of just two hours, five teams came together to share their processes and learn how to work together as one.


Five teams had been brought together as one. Each had their own role but needed to understand each others process in order to increase the speed and accuracy of their shared projects.


My Role

As the Director of Experience Design, I facilitated the workshop and documented the results.

Getting started

Bringing a large group of people together takes some planning. It’s important to make sure you’re prepared and ensure people get the most out of their time.



We started pretty simple. We asked each team had their own color and asked them to put each step of their process on a single post-it. After each team had finished they walked us through. As the discussion continued we realigned the post-its and created categories along the way.


We took pictures and rolled up the hard-copy just in case. We then used a program called miro to created a digital version of our service map.


This is where the problem solving starts. By organizing each process into swim lanes and finding the overlapping steps we were able to create a unified process that took into account the individual team needs and the larger team as a whole.